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Debian Install

This guide shows how to install Debian Mini/10/11 on an iFog VPS.

Per default we mount a Debian 11 ISO to any new VM, if you re-install at a later stage, you can select an ISO in the when your VPS is shut down.
You can then reboot it in the Proxmox console and select the CD drive with "ESC" during the boot process.

Upon logging into the Proxmox Console you should see a Debian ISO installer booted up.

  1. Select Install using the arrow keys and press enter.
  2. Select your language
  3. Select your region and Keymap

IP Configuration:
-Select "Configure network manually"
-Enter the "IP address" we provided you in the service activation email, like
-Leave the "Gateway" as is if it matches the one from the service activation email, usually ending in .1
-Enter a "Name server" like
-Enter a "Hostanme" you wish to use, like example.local
-Select the Debian archive mirror, at best you select the country where the VPS is located and/or choose the preselected one.
-Leave the HTTP proxy info empty

-When asked, enter a root password
-Enter the Full name of the new user, this can be your name, afterwards the installer will ask you to enter a password for the new user.
-Select a timezone as you wish

The username created above will be usable for ssh login, per default ssh is not open for the root user. You can change to root with "su -"

-Choose "Guided -use entire disk"
-Select "Virtual Disk 1 (vda)"
-Select "All files in one partition"
And confirm the partition process

Software selection:
You can select or unselect packages with .
Make sure to select the SSH server, uncheck the print server and the Debian desktop environment and continue.

Grub Boot record:
Select the /dev/vda disk as the Grub target.

Wait for the installer to finish and reboot.

We recommend reading our how to secure SSH here:

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